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  1. Pictures and Videos
    Went fer a little ride this week ... :headbang: ... I did 70 miles, so actually it wasn't a little ride for me ... I very seldom if ever do that many miles in a days ride. :cool: It was a great day however, since I saw deer, antelope, moose, a badger, snowshoe rabbits, and FREAK'IN A...
  2. Pictures and Videos
    2 of my buddies and I decided to go for a ride today. We expected it to simply be a short 60 mile day. Somehow we couldn't get off and ended up riding 110 miles. GETTIN DOWN TO BUSINESS! This was a cool little mud puddle. Looked like nothing...was a little something though...
  3. Ohio
    Anyone Looking For A Good Riding Area In Ohio, Powerline Park Located In St. Clairsville. Plenty Of Trails and Mud, For More Info Go To POWERLINE PARK or Directions
  4. Trail Talk
    Powerline Park Is A Great Place To Ride Over 1000 acres Of Alot Of Mud, Trails, Mud and more Mud, You Can Bring Anything From Trucks, Buggys, Jeeps, Bikes, You Name It. Its In St. Clairsville OH, 2 Times A Year Every Memorial Day An Labor Day Weekend 30 Bucks To Ride All Weekend That Includes...
1-4 of 4 Results