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  1. Site News
    A recently sunk Yamaha Grizzly is acting up Why does my ATV move in reverse without giving it gas? That’s what one reader wants to know after fishing his Yamaha Grizzly out of a bad situation. Here is exactly what reader Dylan asked the ATV AnswerMan, followed by his answer: My 2011 Yamaha...
  2. Yamaha Forum
    Is it possible to make it soo i don't have to push the rear break lever or foot pedal soo i can put it reverse? on the grizz 700?... cause it's sooo ******* annoying when your exhaust is under water and trying to keep idle up and shift and hold the break at the same time, i just want it to be...
  3. Contests
    Submitted by: Hebs All parts needed can be purchased at Radio shack except for the di-electric grease. This can be purchase at most auto parts stores. (Napa) 1 Rocker switch 6 feet of wire. (the same gauge as what's used on the quad works best. I think it's 18 gauge) 1 Wire Tap-In squeeze...
1-3 of 4 Results