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    You surely want to push your machine to the limit on the trails or track and feel safe and confident in the most extreme situations when off-roading. When adding a strong, durable bumper to the front of your ATV, you can rest assured that your quad will remain unharmed at the end of the day. We...
  2. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    in the side room in my shop tonight.
  3. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    I thought I'd post a poll to see what some of you guys would do if you were in the market for a 750 - 800 class Utility ATV. No I'm not listing Yamaha. Why? They don't have a 750 - 800 class ATV and they're too expensive. Simple as that. (And they always win every poll. 8)) So feel free to...
  4. Pictures and Videos
    Here is a video of a drag race up Sand Mountain between a Renegade 800R and a KTM 300 XC dirt bike, a modded YFZ 450, a TRX 450R, and two other sport quads. The Renegade holds its own reasonably well.
  5. Events
    go to an like help the sport grow! in only takes a secound! SUPPORT YOUR SPORT!
  6. Pictures and Videos
    OK, I saw one of these threads elsewhere and it was quite entertaining. BUT, let's keep it clean with no nudity as we have site supporters and vendors visiting, as well as family folk. Anybody have pics?
  7. Your Other Rides
    Some of us have the luxury to drive from our homes on a quad right into miles and miles of trails. Others like myself have to load them up and drive a little while. So what do you use to tow a trailer or load into a pickup truck? Myself, I have an 2005 Ford F150. It's been a good truck for me...
  8. Other ATV/UTV Forums
    Anyone have any experience with the Kymco or the other off brand quads. I was just wandering what kind of machines they were.
1-9 of 10 Results