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  1. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    I had a warn winch installed on my 09 reny 8x and every time I use it my bike comes up low batt and goes into limp mode anyone have a suggestion?? the battery is stock and reads good so I dont know if a larger batt is the solution but I leave the bike running and doesnt seem to charge up.:club:
  2. Polaris Forum
    Thanks guys! I checked the fuel lines and I dont see a pinch. I also checked the spark plug and replaced it but that didnt seem to help it. It still will not crank. I am off tomorrow so I plan on taking it by the dealer. Ill let u all know what I find out.
  3. Polaris Forum
    My Polaris 2004 starts fine and runs ok until it gets hot. Then it will very briefly miss a time or two. It shuts down and will not start until it cools down. Then it will start and run fine but will shut down. It has done this the last two times I had it out. I am afraid to take it anywhere...
  4. Polaris Forum
    My brand new polaris is acting up i got stuck and milked my oil. Also had water in my belt, i cleaned out spark plugs but for some reason my four wheeler will not come out of high gear and my tires dont spin. has anyone else had this problem it's a 2010 polaris Sportsman 850XP.
  5. Yamaha Forum
    Just Wondering If Any Of You Guys Have Had Problems With Oil In The Airbox, Seems Like Im Getting It Quite Frequently, Esp, Ridin Wheelies, From What I Can Tell And Other Forums The Engine Breather Vents Into The AirCleaner, Has Anyone Relocated It To Say The Steering Columm Area, Any Input...
  6. Arctic Cat Forum
    My troubles all started with my ignition fuse blowing. I would start the bike head on down the road to do my chores and the ignition fuse would blow after about 2-3 miles. I placed another ignition fuse in the holder and It would be fine for a while. Then it might blow after about an hour of...
  7. Site News
    Sorry for the problems guys. I was running and update to the portal and it blew the site up. Now I'm working on fixing a few small issues now that I have it back up. If you see anything, PM me. Thanks for your patience. Buster
  8. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    The folks at QUAD Magazine claim that if you apply a light coat of Armor All all to the outside of your goggle lens then buff it off with a soft cloth you will be able to wipe it off easier when your goggles get dusty. They claim the Armor All keeps the dust from smearing leaving you with a...
  9. Electrical & Lighting
    I have noticed since its been getting down below freezing at night. For the first hour i ride mt grizzly, at slow speeds my power stering will twitch really quick and pull to the right and goes back striaght. It only lasts for a split second, but its enough to freak you out. And it will do it...
1-9 of 15 Results