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  1. Performance
    AAEN Mega Power Pipe Exhaust Review With our Renegade Project-X 800, we were trying to build the perfect quad that showcases some of the best names in the industry in areas of performance, protection, rideability and appearance. Like most ATV owners, one of the biggest decision we had to make...
  2. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    Hey guys I just bought an HMF used from a guy...he said there was only 100-200km on the pipe...I believe him cause the pipe looks new...anyway there is a rattle coming from inside the pipe..any of you have experience with this or know how to fix it?? here is the sound thanks for any help Stiff
  3. Project X Articles and Reviews
    I would be really curious to hear what the exhaust note sounds like with the new slip-on. Is there any chance of posting vid through you-tube? Some action video would be pretty cool!
  4. Requests for Product Reviews
    I've had another rider on a different forum claim, this Leo Vince pipe is the pipe to run & it's only 2db's over the stock pipe. I've also heard the HMF Swamp series pipe to be pretty quiet. I'd love to see a review of these two pipes. Heck, I'd even more than willing to test them for ya ...
  5. For Sale
    I just bought this pipe used on ebay last week, i got it in a package deal with an HMF Gen III controller. I'm selling the pipe and keeping the controller, I only want what i paid for it. $200 plus shipping. The pipe looks brand new from the outside, it's perfectly clean and shiny. This is the...
  6. Wanted
    I want a HMF with Optimizer. I doubt anyone wants to sell one but I need it for a 700 Grizz. Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results