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  1. Oldie Wheelers
    The Oldie Wheelers Meeting and breakfast is March 4th at 9 am. Pine Grove Baptist Church is located at 12717 Emerson Ave. Parkersburg WV. (rt.2 N about 2 miles north of I77)
  2. Upcoming Events
    Round 2 - March 10, 2012 - Uhrichsville , Ohio - Crow Canyon MX Scroll Down For Directions Is everyone ready for Round 2 of our 2013 season in Uhrichsville, Ohio - Crow Canyon? This is newer track to our MOVHS schedule. This facility has it all, great parking , awesomexc and mx tracks. It...
  3. Events
    Whose ready for Round 1 of Mid Ohio Valley Hare Scrambles 2013 Season this Sunday March 3, 2013 in Cutler Ohio off of Ellis Run Road? You can view all details and get all directions on our website at Mid Ohio Valley Hare Scramble Cross Country Series. This track has some of the best spectator...
  4. Upcoming Events
    March 25th - Dynamite Valley - Round 3 MOVHS - Chesterhill, Ohio **100% OVERALL UTV PAYBACK $100 AMATEUR OVERALL BIKE and $100 AMATEUR OVERALL QUAD PURSE ***TOP PRO PAYOUTS AROUND *** This is one of the BEST tracks and Facilities around the Tri State Area - Lots of Parking - AWESOME XC...
  5. ATV / UTV News & Events
    Everyone check out Round 2 of Mid Ohio Valley Hare Scramble - THE CHILLING THRILLER - March 11 - Uhrichsville, Ohio - Crow Canyon MX - You wont be disappointed! We have been said to be a series that has a NATIONAL feel and a great family oriented series that really cares about the racers and...
  6. Upcoming Events
    Attention racers, please do not believe anything that you do not see on our website. There have been many people making false comments that the race is cancelled this Sunday March 6th. I am telling you that it is NOT cancelled. To tell you the truth we had to cancel last week because the weather...
  7. Pictures and Videos
    Went out again today ... what a nice day. The sun was shinn'in ... I forgot my sunscreen & my face got fried !!! .... The bad thing, the snow is melt'in ... suppose to be more this week, but we're los'in about 2 inches a day .... it was 52 deg F up there today. I thought I was tak'in some...
  8. Pictures and Videos
    Went for a heck of a ride yesterday :cold: . Snow was prem-o, the sun was out, & had a Great day. :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: We saw some new country. We made some climbs that were pretty amazing to me ... about noon, we came to one hill, about half way up, the tracks are spinn'in (wish I...
  9. Pictures and Videos
    Extreme Dirt Series-Miracle Man, march 30 2008
  10. National
    Arizona Game & Fish Outdoor Expo - March 29-30 MORE>>> Or just visit
1-11 of 18 Results