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  1. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    Does anyone carry any kits for this model,i can air up the rear shocks and gain just over an inch of ground clearance,but i was hoping for someone to make a 2" block that mounts under the rear shocks,so i have that added 2" plus what ever i want to pump up the shocks to add to it,but it would be...
  2. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    When I use to fourwheel with my Jeep back in the day, I never left home without my hi-lift jack. I think this would be a great idea for those of you with UTV's
  3. Your Other Rides
    Here is a before and after picture of the truck my wife has been driving for the last two years. The warranty is essentially up, so we put a Rancho 4" lift and a set of 33" tires on the truck. It works great, and makes you feel like you just got a brand new truck. Here is what we started...
  4. Consumer Product Reviews
    REVIEW: Central Hydraulics Air ATV Lift Initial Thoughts I purchased this lift from Harbor Freight for $99.87. My initial thought on the lift was it was constructed and finished very well. It has nice rubber grip pads on the lift saddle to help protect vehicle. Very good for the price...
  5. Archived Product Reviews
    I received my Extreme Products lift today and had it installed 3 hours and 45 mins later. It raised me from 12 1/2 inches to 14 1/2 with 28" tires. I just rode it around a little but it sure did handle better.
  6. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    Just found a new product to add to my wishlist. I knew I'd find a way to prove to my wife I have room for a riding lawn mower and quad! Why waste space, or worse, have to give up something you really love because you just don't have enough storage room? The Loft-It® Storage Lift System is the...
1-7 of 8 Results