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  1. Upcoming Events
    June 14th - 17th - 3RD ANNUAL TRIBUTE TO THE BLACKWATER 100 This race seperates the men from the boys. This race has it all. MUD FLEAS - If you liked the 93 crossing at the Blackwater you will LOVE this water crossing! This race was sooooooo AWESOME the last two years, and it will only be...
  2. Upcoming Events
    June 4th-6th, 2010 Da Baddest Mudda" Mud Bog Competition ($1000 cash prizes + 100% pay back on racer fees), drag races, oval track races and lawn mower races. Early Check-in Thur. Riding and many events Fri.-Sun Friday June 4th9:00 am - 10:00pm Trail Ride Saturday June 5th9:00- Midnight Trail...
  3. Contests
    <p align="left"> </p> <h1 align="left">Dual Oil Filter Mod - Grizzly 660</h1>Submitted by: Gunny <p align="left"> First thing is to trim the center section of the adapter. I used a air High Speed grinder with a small snading disk. Use caution to keep sanding disk level...
  4. Contests
    Submitted by: 403Grizz I have a tip with cleaning brakes for mud riders. After every hard ride, I always take off all my wheels and power wash out my calipers, and make sure no mud is stuck to the pads or rotors. Having clean brakes will allow them to functions better, have less drag, and your...
  5. Contests
    Submitted by: Hebs All parts needed can be purchased at Radio shack except for the di-electric grease. This can be purchase at most auto parts stores. (Napa) 1 Rocker switch 6 feet of wire. (the same gauge as what's used on the quad works best. I think it's 18 gauge) 1 Wire Tap-In squeeze...
  6. Events
    Me and a few friends will be making the trip on Saturday. We'll probably hit H~M's Pinnacle Creek too. Anyone else gonna be in the neighborhood?
  7. Events
    Price County Wisconsin The events are now lined up for the first-ever Great Northern ATV Rally & Off-Road Challenge, set to be held in Park Falls, Wis., June 6-8. The three days of "maximum off-highway vehicle adventure" starts Friday night in downtown Park Falls, a small ATV-friendly...
  8. Events
    Dover, PA (4/24/2007) - The West Virginia hills will come alive with the sounds of ATVs by day and country music by night as hundreds of off-road-lovin’ families converge on Gilbert, WV, during the Fisher’s ATV Reunion, June 20th-22nd, 2008. [Read More]
1-9 of 13 Results