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  1. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    I put new clutches in my Outlander. ... they look so pretty I hated to cover them up !! I bought these thru "Get-Torqued" out of Canada & they were great to work with. So here they are ... a CVTech Trail Bloc primary worked over by Airdam & a STM Tuneable Secondary. ;;t;; ;;t;; They...
  2. Polaris Forum
    I decided to move forward with installing a new front and rear brush guard on my 850 XP last night. I think it looks nasty with the editions. I'm going to add some LED lamps instead of the PIAA lights that Polaris offers The only thing I don't like is that the side wings are bolted on...
  3. Polaris Forum
    Last night I finished installing Highlifter springs on Project RZR. Why Highlifter springs? Well, the stock suspension is very soft, and after only 2 rides, I am already noticing the springs sagging horribly. (I hope you read this Polaris). So I wanted a little stiffer setup to and a little...
  4. Your Other Rides
    Here is a before and after picture of the truck my wife has been driving for the last two years. The warranty is essentially up, so we put a Rancho 4" lift and a set of 33" tires on the truck. It works great, and makes you feel like you just got a brand new truck. Here is what we started...
  5. Engine & Drivetrain
    Just installed a UNI on my 660. I will write a full review on this product as I will be doing other reviews anyway.
1-5 of 5 Results