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  1. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    Literally. Now that my runs are complete and I'm editing the final write-up of the Dalton Kit I've started my next project. By examing these photos you'll prolly figure out what it (my next project) is. I've not seen any photo's of the 09 Outlanders without plastics so I thought I share mine.
  2. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    I thought I'd post a poll to see what some of you guys would do if you were in the market for a 750 - 800 class Utility ATV. No I'm not listing Yamaha. Why? They don't have a 750 - 800 class ATV and they're too expensive. Simple as that. (And they always win every poll. 8)) So feel free to...
  3. ATV / UTV News & Events
    I've heard through several sources and web sites that the Maxxis Mud Bugs would be discontinued and the news was disturbing to me. You see I've been working a review on these tires and I was a little disheartened at the fact I was reviewing something that no one could experience. Well I...
1-3 of 5 Results