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  1. Site News
    Why won’t my ATV idle without dying? This is what a Honda Foreman owner wants to know and he asked the ATV AnswerMan for help. Here is exactly what the reader asked the ATV AnswerMan. Check out their answer here: Why Won't My ATV Idle Without Dying? -
  2. Arctic Cat Forum
    I have a 2002 375 atv. It will start not to easy but will.. Idles poor, many of times stalling at idle.. I times it will run and not stall at idle but it idles very poor. If you try to give it gas it will pop and stall out stall out. It will not rev up.. Heres was has been done so far. Vale...
  3. Yamaha Forum
    First, I would like to say hello to my fellow grizzly owners. Heres my problem. My Grizz was running great and idled great. My brother had cleaned my knn filter and re-oiled it. The next day, i went to start it up. It smoked a bit and then started to idle rough and seemed to miss somewhat. I...
  4. Arctic Cat Forum
    Im hoping someone on here might be able to answer as Ive had no luck with my dealer. I have a 2008 Arctic Cat 700 EFI that has 328 miles and was running excellent up until this afternoon when I went to run mind you it has sat for a week or two. But I got it turned over first shot no...
  5. Arctic Cat Forum
    Hello, my Panther ATV runs after cold start about 1 minute good at idle, then i can hear the IAC Valve getting closed, makes sound like "shhh,shhh, " . The Engine is to drive, but when i stop the atv and it should go to idle, it stalls and EFI comes on. error code is the Absolute Pressure...
  6. Honda Forum
    Location of idle adjustment screw on 03 Rincon? Idles too low, even when warmed up. Pic would be nice. Thanks.
  7. Yamaha Forum
    My grizz just start having problems stalling at idle. By this I mean if I'm out riding and I stop to cross a creek, load up in the truck or back in the garage, it will just stall. Sometimes if I just pull up to talk to someone it stalls. Now it seems to run good otherwise, more of an...
  8. Engine & Drivetrain
    This topic has been moved to YAMAHA.
  9. Yamaha Forum
    IDLE ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE FOR THE GRIZZLY 700 NOTE: If at any time, if you hit a wrong key or forget what step you were on, just turn the key off and start over. With your key turned off, hold down the select and reset button at the same time. Then turn the key on while doing this. Wait for...
1-10 of 10 Results