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    We’ve been hearing rumblings about a Sport-Utility UTV from Textron for a while now. Now it’s time to see how the Textron Off Road Havoc X compares to the Polaris General. When Textron Off Road first brought several of us out to drive the Stampede when it was under its Bad Boy banner, it hinted...
  2. Site News
    We’ve just been given the first look at the new Textron Off Road Havoc X and this Sport-Utility machine clearly has the Polaris General in its sights. There is a new player in the multi-purpose UTV market – the Textron Off Road Havoc X. At least on paper, this machine looks like a direct...
  3. Site News
    What we know about the future Polaris General challenger If you were worried that the newly formed Textron Off Road was going to play it safe in the ATV/UTV industry, it’s looking more and more like those fears are unfounded. Textron Off Road appears to have big plans – especially when it comes...
1-3 of 3 Results