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  1. Wanted
    Looking for a muzzy full system for my 09 grizz
  2. Wanted
    Lookn for a front bumper for grizz 700 in good condition. Scratches really dont mean to much but no dents,dings or bends.
  3. Polaris Forum
    I found pics of GrizzlyWizards RZR...I assume this is why be isn't showing us much for media of it.:protest:;;s;;
  4. Yamaha Forum
    alright me and fridn finally got to rebuilding the motor yesterday, right now were at taking the drive shafts out soo we can take the motor out, but im thinkink maybe i might bore it out to, but i know nothing about where to send it, what sizes i can bore to, what to buy, prices!!.. and if it...
  5. Yamaha Forum
    Can someone tell me how to remove the sway bar off the grizz 700???.... i try and the bolt turns the hole thing soo it won't come off... i'm getting ready to grind it off... any help would be appreciated thanks
  6. Wanted
    I'm looking for a good programer to add to my set up. Any one have a used one or got any suggestions i'm all ears. Thanks.
  7. Yamaha Forum
    Just Wondering If Any Of You Guys Have Had Problems With Oil In The Airbox, Seems Like Im Getting It Quite Frequently, Esp, Ridin Wheelies, From What I Can Tell And Other Forums The Engine Breather Vents Into The AirCleaner, Has Anyone Relocated It To Say The Steering Columm Area, Any Input...
  8. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    So what do you guys think I should ask for my quad loaded with everything in my sig? I wanna getta Gade. Actually it no longer has the Dobeck or the Dyna CDI. It now has a Velocity box which takes care of both of those but the Elkas are $2400 alone if u bought them new and they have about 100...
  9. Yamaha Forum
    I recently traded a 400ex Honda for a 600 Grizz. I need to replace the bearing in the swing arm. I have already ordered the parts. Just wondering if anyone can give me any tips/tricks to make the job easier. Looking forward to getting this thing in the mud.
  10. For Sale
    I have a used Front Bumper from my Grizzly 700..everything appears to be straight. It has its normal scratches since its a bumper. I can powdercoat the bumper for an additional $10 if you want with a textured black *** I cannot guarantee the durability of the powder because we powdercoat files...
  11. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    I got a challenge yesterday, and figured I would post it to see what you all think before we actually try it and then we will post the results! My buddy challenged me his 2005 KFX 400 against my 2008 Grizzly 700. His quad is stock with synthetic oil, my grizz has: HMF dobek gen 3, HMF ultility...
  12. Yamaha Forum
    Alright I am turning it over to all you ATV experts! I have my wife's 2008 Grizzly 450 and I am wanting to do some things to it to get more power, however she hates when I spend money on it! Can you guys give me ideas for some cheap, but effective mods I can do to it! It currently on has 26"...
  13. Yamaha Forum
    Also known as the Yellow Jacket. Here are the pictures of the heavily modified skid that the Grizz will be making its voyage on. This is a stock Yamaha skid cut and welded to fit the aftermarket tires and wheels. There is still some minor work to do after the quad is parked on the skid. I...
  14. Yamaha Forum
    Does anybody make a graphics kit for the grizz 700? It needs somethin different.
  15. For Sale
    i want to sell my optimizer generation 3 for a grizzly 700 for 170.00 i think it is pretty fair i will ship i also i have a hmf utility exhaust for it asking 120.00 for it i would prefer not to trade but i would trade them both for a power commander and some cash but thats about it. email me at...
  16. Yamaha Forum
    I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. I won't be trading my camo in, but it does look good in white. Looks like the Grizz is also running a Douglas wheels and Bear claw tires I personally really like the dual light setup. It's from a machine over in Europe, no other details. If those...
  17. Yamaha Forum
    Ok Fellas i have trid this once but did not work to my side of the trail i hard piped the whole trans up through the center and removed my airbox and replaced it with a apollo intake ran fine but when i pulled out the sparkplug is was running way to rich any help would be great
  18. Yamaha Forum
    This is a fairly simple install. \ First I have to say I was little less than impressed with the packaging of my Uni-Filter for the Grizz 700. The Grizz has a large flat air filter and this one was folded in half and placed into it's plastic packaging. I had flatten out the air filter for a day...
  19. Engine & Drivetrain
    well i was riding and decided to go into this one hole i have never been in before.....and guess started out at like 2 feet deep.....then it was bout 5 feet deep....i caught myself and only my front end went down sucking water into the tranny......then i had to get winched...
  20. Fabrication
    Fabricated up the front of the dash panel with a piece of the old fender i broke.
1-20 of 26 Results