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  1. Engine & Drivetrain
    I am not a lubrication, filtering, chemical or mechanical engineer. I have a degree in engineering, but I studied electrical engineering. I now study physics. You may feel free to question my abilities to gather facts and draw conclusions in the area of oils and filters. In any case, this is a...
  2. Contests
    <p align="left"> </p> <h1 align="left">Dual Oil Filter Mod - Grizzly 660</h1>Submitted by: Gunny <p align="left"> First thing is to trim the center section of the adapter. I used a air High Speed grinder with a small snading disk. Use caution to keep sanding disk level...
  3. Honda Forum
    Here is a list of oil filters that will work with the 2003 Rincon. I am not sure about the newer EFI models. K&N part # KN-111 Honda OEM # 15412-KEA-003 Fram part # CH6007 Wix # 24938
1-3 of 3 Results