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  1. Yamaha Forum
    PE28 Kit currently on Back Order since 7/24/12.All HMF exhaust jetting has been predetermined with proper jetting specs to ensure the ultimate performance from your HMF product and should be used as a reference only. The proper jetting will ensure the full performance potential from your HMF...
  2. Arctic Cat Forum
    Does anyone have information on where to the best bargain on a New Engine for a 2009 700 Mudpro. Maybe an Artic Cat factory representative. I have found some dealers asking for $2700 plus $250 Shipping. Thanks for any help guys. I need to get my son back in the pit.
  3. Polaris Forum
    My Polaris sportsman EFI 800 has a flashing 'Y' on the display when i turn on the key just wondering what this means.
  4. Arctic Cat Forum
    Hi, I am new to this forum and also new to “ATV”. I just bought 1998 Arctic Cat 454 4x4; according to last owner it wasn’t used for last 3 years. I tried to change the engine oil, noticed coolant water inside and mixed with oil. Now I changed the oil and filter and still can’t start. Any ideas...
  5. Arctic Cat Forum
    Just picked up a 2006 650 v2. The engine brake actuator constantly runs, even with the key out. It was draining the battery so I unplugged it. Then I took it off the bike. I opened it up and it doesnt look like anything is wrong. What could possibly be giving it power all the time to make it...
  6. Kawasaki Forum
    checked my oil before i rode, on the way back to the truck something was fishy about the top end power and my motor way starting to clang at full throttle, stopped and checked my oil again and it was barely on the dip stick.... I towed it back to the truck from there and the motor still runs...
  7. Kawasaki Forum
    i own a '90 bayou 220 that my kids have used as a starter quad. over the years, it has developed a small oil leak that i just ignored, since it was so minimal. yesterday, the leak became worse and the centrifugal clutch began acting up. when the quad wasn't in motion, it would cause the...
  8. Honda Forum
    2009 DN-01 - Honda Powersports Read about it on that web page, from Honda. A 680cc V-TWIN that I bet makes alot more power than the 680cc lawn tractor motor that is in the Rincon now. It even has an auto transmission that has SIX GEARS, which would solve the Rincons lack of a low enough gear...
1-10 of 13 Results