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  1. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    TRYING TO GET THE BIG KILL:thumbup::thumbup:
  2. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    Well I took my Gade to an ATV park today about an hour and a half away. I hadn't ever been there but will be going back. Hopefully the enxt trip won't be so expensive. They had a lot of trails and a lot of tracks and it was a blast. I did however decide that I hate the X shocks more than I...
  3. Pictures and Videos
    Went for a ride today ... it was my 14th trip out this season. :cheer: And today was both good & not so good. First, we got between 2 & 3 ft of new snow last week. So I headed up the groomed trail to this one canyon I really enjoy. There was about 2 ft of fresh new snow ... yet it wasn’t...
  4. Your Other Rides
    This has got to be one nice ride.
  5. Yamaha Forum
    Yamaha Sponsors National Hunting and Fishing Day From Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A. -- Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., maker of ATV and Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles for outdoorsmen, continues its support of outdoor sports and conservation by sponsoring the 2008 National Hunting and Fishing Day...
  6. Events
    Anybody gonna be riding/staying in the Wagon Wheel area the weekend after Labor Day?
  7. ATV / UTV News & Events
    For more information visit HLS Suspension
  8. Pictures and Videos
    here are a few from my camera.
  9. Events
    Captjack, Heritage1, Myself and a few others will be riding the area this Memorial day weekend. Anyone interested let us know! :beer" Our main goal it to attempt to discover some un-chartered territory. We will also attempt to keep Heritage1 from being struck by lightning this time around...
  10. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    Few Pics from fishing Derby last week. After this weeks rain and warm weather it is done for the year.
  11. Events
    Griz wiz and I have had a change of hart on the quad crew ride, we have decided to go down the following weekend which is Memorial Day. Why you ask ?? Well for one - there will be a hell of a lot more people and parties !!! j/k There are a bunch of guys from NC that will be going that...
  12. Member Rides
    What else can I say, we had sunshine..friends and lots of was a great day.. :headbang:
  13. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    Putting up the garage door day left me with a surprise...a broken opener. It's an old Craftsman opener that has amazed me it still runs for the 4 years I've lived in my house. Picked up a new opener today from Sears and I plan to install it tomorrow. I need to get it working so I can get my quad...
  14. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    I finally after a week delay get to pick up the new Brute. Man I am pumped. If all goes well I will be picking it up at noon. I will be posting pics soon enough. :headbang:
  15. Pictures and Videos
    Bad day
  16. Member Rides
    Here is mine
21-37 of 41 Results