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  1. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    Hey guys I'm new to this form and got on here to get yalls opinion, I'm 18 5'10" 170 pounds if that makes a difference and have been riding fourwheelers all my life well since I was 5. But all I have owned is a utility, even though I ride my cuzins sport quad a bit. I have alot of time on...
  2. Kawasaki Forum
    i heard and from reading in yall sig, alot of kaw owner with the 650 or 750 are putting muzzy exhaust and i was wondering why? Why over the penland pro? is it because of the noise or ....just want some feed back cause i ordering something with in the next few days
  3. FAQ's / How To's
    <h1 class="style1">CHOOSING AN ATV HELMET</h1> <p class="style1">When it comes to helmets, the decision to wear one can be a matter of life or death in the event of a bad spill. So obviously a helmet is the single most important piece of riding gear an OHV enthusiast can wear.</p> <p...
  4. FAQ's / How To's
    <body>   <div align="justify"><strong>Choosing Gloves, Goggles and Riding Boots </strong><br /> <br /> <strong><em>Goggles</em></strong><br /> The basic design of most off-road goggles is pretty much the same—flexible plastic frames with a foam perimeter that works as an air filter to...
1-4 of 5 Results