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  1. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    Hey guys, in case you missed it, I wanted to let you know that we just completed a review of a Black Rhino Performance CDI Box. It is a pretty darned impressive unit for the cost. My review even has a short video clip of me beating a newer 660 that has a full Muzzy dual exhaust on it. Check out...
  2. Performance
    Introduction In the name of speed and power improvements, ATVTorture is always looking for ways to get the most out of every machine that we own. We recently acquired a a 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660 and naturally, had to start right off the bat to try to help this sluggishly performing UTV. The first...
  3. Polaris Forum
    I a need a CDI box for a 2005 Phoenix, anyone got anywhere to try ? ::confused:: Thanx for any advice.
  4. Kawasaki Forum
    is the dynatek cdi modules for the 650i worth it? just wondering if the timming adjustments and what not is worth it. i am going to get a exhaust, penland, lrd, or muzzy. like them all the same soon as i see a deal i will grap one. But i was looking at modules and is it worth it? is thier power...
  5. Performance
    Dynatek Dyna FS CDI for the Grizzly 700 Review Performance! This is something the majority of ATV enthusiasts share in common. We strive for better performance out of our ATV’s. We all want it and we all want to know how to achieve a top performing machine. A little over a year ago I...
  6. Archived Product Reviews
    Velocity Devices CDI - Grizzly 700 I just wanted to let you all know that it has finally happened. Velocity Devices has finished up the long-awaited build of their CDI box for the Grizzly 700. Otherwise known as VDI, they have always been known for an extremely well-made product with lots of...
  7. Engine & Drivetrain
    Is there something special i should do when installing a CDI? Or do i just unhook and re hook? I am gonna try and install a 660 CDI for AMR on my 450. All the connections are the exact same and the CDI is the same size in bulk.
  8. Engine & Drivetrain
    Hey people, I am looking into one for my 450. I just got a few questions first. Is this gonna mess up my grizz's reliability? Will this in anyway hurt my engine?
  9. Consumer Product Reviews
    Most sport riders dont mess with their CDI box.. One tip is, they should. The White Brothers CDI box raises your RPMs by over 1000. Its sounds like alot mostly because it is. You can feel your gears being able to rev out longer which is perfect for hillclimbing or a quick start in a race. It...
  10. Requests for Product Reviews
    Ive been waiting for VDI to come out with there CDI for my grizz 700 for the simple fact its a all in one unit and its fully tunable. Ive read a few reviews on them and im quit impressed with everyone's out come. 7-13 hp for a stock brute 750 independent dyno tests :headbang: And king quad...
  11. Archived Product Reviews
    Dynatek FS CDI for the Grizzly 700 Review Review by: Buster We just received our Dynatek CDIs from Dynatek. We've installed one today and the other one goes on tonight hopefull. We plan on getting some ride time in this weekend so we can provide a review of it soon. Our initial thoughts: -...
  12. Electrical & Lighting
    I'm sure by now that you guys are getting tired of my rookie questions, but how else is an idiot supposed to become smart? Consider this set up: 07 Grizz 660 26" Tires 12" ITP SS Rims 4x450 weights Dynojet Kit UNI Filter Exhaust Tip In your opinion(s) would a CDI box help me any more? If it...
  13. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    This topic has been moved to Modifications.
  14. Yamaha Forum
    I am wanting to soup up my 06 660 grizzly. Which should I do put a cdi box on or change weights in the clutch? or should I do both?
1-14 of 15 Results