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  1. Arctic Cat Forum
    We have a 3 or 4 year old AC 90. I usually change the oil once a year, but it is getting used and abused! Our 2 kids ride it, 4 neighbor kids and their friends ride it and my wife and the neighbor mom's all like to ride it. But it gets pegged at the rev limiter for several minutes at a time...
  2. Arctic Cat Forum
    One of my front cv joint axle started making bad noises this Saturday. I know it's time to replace new cv axles because the original axles has been used for 10 years and some atv riders also have same issue finally had to replace new axles. So where to get left front axle for 2002 arctic cat 500...
  3. Site News
    ATV mud wrestling What kid didn’t grow up loving to play in the mud? For some of us, we never outgrow that desire to mix water and dirt together into some slimy goo and find a way to bring big smiles. Some ATV riders find mud on the trail and go around it. Others go through it, but reluctantly...
  4. Site News
    We dig into the specs of these two North American 60-inch Sport UTVs The popularity of 60-inch Sport UTVs has grown dramatically since Polaris launched the first RZR S model a few years ago. That machine took the power, suspension and handling of the RZR down to a machine capable of extreme...
  5. Site News
    Sport UTVs that take wildly different approaches Like all of you, we’re all waiting to hear more details on the hot new Arctic Cat Wildcat XX. Sneaking in under the radar, though, is the new Wildcat X Limited, that has all-new suspension designed by Robbie Gordon that should make it an awesome...
  6. Arctic Cat Forum
    Does anyone have information on where to the best bargain on a New Engine for a 2009 700 Mudpro. Maybe an Artic Cat factory representative. I have found some dealers asking for $2700 plus $250 Shipping. Thanks for any help guys. I need to get my son back in the pit.
  7. Arctic Cat Forum
    Hello, does anyone know where I can find a list of diognostic code for an Artic Cat ATV 700 4x4 EFI.
  8. Arctic Cat Forum
    Im hoping someone on here might be able to answer as Ive had no luck with my dealer. I have a 2008 Arctic Cat 700 EFI that has 328 miles and was running excellent up until this afternoon when I went to run mind you it has sat for a week or two. But I got it turned over first shot no...
  9. Arctic Cat Forum
    Has anyone been keeping up on the new side by sides that are being released? Arctic Cat just introduced their new side by side, called the Wildcat, at their dealer show. basic details: Less costly than a Razr 900 XP same width as a Razr 900 XP same weight as a Razr 900 XP 95 HP 17"...
  10. Arctic Cat Forum
    Hi, I am new to this forum and also new to “ATV”. I just bought 1998 Arctic Cat 454 4x4; according to last owner it wasn’t used for last 3 years. I tried to change the engine oil, noticed coolant water inside and mixed with oil. Now I changed the oil and filter and still can’t start. Any ideas...
  11. Arctic Cat Forum
    Looks more like competition to Yamaha's Wolverine than a Can-am Renegade. Why they didn't drop a bigger power plant in there is beyond me. But I'll be willing to bet there's more too come. Glad to see manufacturer's turning out new machines in this dismal economy. ARCTIC CAT - XC 450 I
  12. Arctic Cat Forum
    I just got a new 700s LE and it is showing code PO635. Does anybody know what this code means. The closest dealer to me is a long ways away.
  13. Site Help and Suggestions
    I have a 06 700se cat,checked for codes found ec00, no codes present ,adjusted TPS.Unit runs after cranking for abite,new sparkplug ,stales out all the time.Any help,thanks.My 93 polaris runs like a champ.
  14. Electrical & Lighting
    how do you retrieve codes from bike
  15. Vehicles
    I wanted an ATV that could be used for trail work on a trail system we are building locally. The ATV had to be capable of extreme mountain terrain, with adequate power, traction, and stability. I purchased a new Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000 for this purpose. Here are my impressions after...
  16. Arctic Cat Forum
    We are replacing our 2007 Grizzly 700 with a new ATV this year. There is nothing "wrong" with it, we just like to keep the ATVs replaced every two or three years. It took me a while to find the ATV I wanted, but in the end I really think it was dealer service that made me pick the ATV. Our...
1-16 of 41 Results