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  1. Upcoming Events
    Attention racers, please do not believe anything that you do not see on our website. There have been many people making false comments that the race is cancelled this Sunday March 6th. I am telling you that it is NOT cancelled. To tell you the truth we had to cancel last week because the weather...
  2. Upcoming Events
    Round 1 Info released please go to MOVHS for all details. Dont forget if you have raced 3 or less races with MOVHS than you will qualify for our Racer Contingency. You race rounds 1-10 then you get rounds 11-15 racer registration free. Also if you race every round and make atleast one lap, you...
  3. Pictures and Videos
    Not sure this is the forum to post this, let me know for next time. Went on a ride yesterday headed towards one of my favorite places from spring thru fall. Never been there in the winter. But having bought some tracks, figured I'd visit the place. What a great day. :cold: Just me, the sun...
1-3 of 3 Results