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  1. Performance
    Everybody that rides rough terrain knows that one of the worst things to experience at any speed is to hit a rut or obstacle and have the handlebars yanked out of your hand. This can also have very bad results depending on your speed and what it was that you hit, whether it be a log, deep rut...
  2. Suspension & Handling
    I wanted to let you all in on a product that I am testing for Elka and Pro Moto Billet. Elka and Pro Moto have merged together for this product to put their talents together to make it the best it can be. Available in two models, the Elka / Pro Moto Billet steering stabilizer for the Can-Am...
  3. Kawasaki Forum
    Changing the primary clutch spring on a Kawasaki KFX-700 When I first started riding the KFX-700 I decided, while it was a fast machine with a nice torque curve; it still needed more. A call to Dalton and he recommended a few things to change right off the bat to give me the...
1-3 of 4 Results