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  1. Kawasaki Forum
    I have been working on my 93 300 bayou, first the nut that holds the disc on came loose and when I took it apart and found it, rethreaded the shaft, put all back together and started it up , I can see it move just a little when put in gear but will not move forward or reverse! Where do I start...
  2. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    I am working:bowdown::bowdown: on my nephews 93 4x4 bayou, cranked it up and the wire coming from the alternator/generator connected to wiring harness that white plastic connection melted, can I splice the wires back (3 black from engine to 3 yellow to harness, and does it matter which black to...
  3. For Sale
    1997 Kawasaki Klf220 Bayou ATV For Sale Used Kawasaki Klf220 Bayou Atvs for sale by Kawasaki Klf220 Bayou atv dealers in USA. Price : $1999 Year : 1997 Type : Four Wheeler Make : Kawasaki Model : Klf220 Bayou
  4. Kawasaki Forum
    anyone have any experience with repairing a centrifugal clutch on a '90 bayou? had a small oil leak, oil ran a little low. quad would not go into gear without stalling. i can put it up on blocks and shift into 1st - wheels are turning without touching the throttle. idle is not high at all...
  5. Kawasaki Forum
    i own a '90 bayou 220 that my kids have used as a starter quad. over the years, it has developed a small oil leak that i just ignored, since it was so minimal. yesterday, the leak became worse and the centrifugal clutch began acting up. when the quad wasn't in motion, it would cause the...
1-5 of 5 Results