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  1. Project KFX-450R Reviews
    We have posted the review for this product here. Post questions or comments here.
  2. Performance
    INTRODUCTION How many riders out there have taken your quad out for an all day excursion? How many riders have hit the trails or the track hard? Finally how many of you have had wrist, elbow or back pain after riding? If I had to guess, I would say that at some point in your riding career...
  3. General Discussion
    Honda 700XX Fat PegTM Nerf Bars With integrated heel guard - 10/30/08Pro Armor's Fat PegTM nerf bars with integrated heel guard will be the only set of nerfs your quad will ever need. The Honda 700XX Fat Peg offers a unique design in that we have incorporated a new feature within our sub frame...
  4. Yamaha Forum
    Does anyone have any after market handlebars on a Grizzly that also have pictures of the bike with the new bars on it? I'm looking for new handlebars, but am afraid that if I get the wrong ones, then I will lose the heigth and comfort of the stock bars. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  5. Consumer Product Reviews
    I think there may already be a review of these up but here is my review. I purchased my set of Rox Risers back in February of 08. I bought the 3.5 Risers with the standard 7/8 bar clamps and then adapt to 1 1/8" bars. When I first received the risers and bars I noticed the packaging was...
  6. Accessories
    Just wondering about the bar and riser set-ups on the Kawasaki Brutes. Give me some pros and cons of your set-up. I am looking to replace my stock bars and gain a bunch of comfort in the process.
1-6 of 6 Results