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  1. Florida
    The Just Add Dirt crew will be attending the Memorial Day Bash at Dirty Foot Adventure Park. Come out and meet the group or become part of the JAD crew..
  2. ATV / UTV News & Events
    For immediate release: Muddy fun at the yacht club. Just Add Dirt and the ******* Yacht Club of Punta Gorda, Florida will present some fun in the mud, July 4th weekend. Along with Fireworks, Bikini Bull riding contest, and an outdoor concert, there will be fun in the mud with friendly...
  3. Pictures and Videos
    Gator in this one..
  4. ATV / UTV News & Events
    Just Add Dirt will sponsor an event at the ******* Yacht Club the week end of July 4th. Watch the forum and Facebook for additional details. jeff
  5. Georgia
    For release: Rocky Creek and Just Add Dirt will host the first ever Gamblers race for mudders. This contest will determine who has the baddest machine in the mud with an all out atv mud race. The entry fee is directly proportional to the pay out, with a $200.00 entrance fee and a limited...
  6. Florida
    The last of the series will be at Florida Motoplex. This will be a DOUBLE points series as it will allow for a better chance at the final pay out for the series. The Motoplex advertises as the wettest park in Florida at this time, so if you are a mudder, plan to attend and enjoy yourself. Race...
  7. Pictures and Videos
    L-Cross video at the park. YouTube - xzoutlaw's Channel
  8. Florida
    Points standings for the Just Add Dirt Mud Series For the MONEY: Open Class: Ray Surdi Pro Class: Jason Hathon Mud Bog 750: Tad Bently Mud Bog 500: Steven Miller Womens Open: 3 way tie, Collier, Williams, Evans *After four of six races See ya all at the ******* Yacht Club Next month
  9. Florida
    The next Just Add Dirt Mud Race will be held at MudMuckers in Bunnell, Florida. Stay tuned to this thread for further information on the activities list. The Date of the Race will be June 18-20. Jeff
  10. ATV / UTV News & Events
    ADD HYDRAULIC TURN TO YOUR ATV PLOW! New for 2009 from Fuse Powersports is the Hydro-Turn kit for most ATV and UTV plow systems. The Hydro-Turn is a complete hydraulic turn system that bolts to your existing plow. Made in the USA by Cambridge Metals and Plastics with leading...
1-11 of 13 Results