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  1. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    Bopp Race Components make can-am and Outlander chassis components. For the outty, they have a hand-made chome-moly frame. For the Gade they have a-arms also made of chrome-moly. The advantages are supposedly much lighter weight and much stronger than factory. The biggest advantage other than...
  2. Kawasaki Forum
    will the KFX 700 a-arms go on a brute force or anyother?? i crushed a tie rod the other day and orderd the pro x racing tie rods and ends from asr. just wondering while i was working on the front end if there was any other thing i could do with the a-arms and what not? thank you
  3. Kawasaki Forum
    Are the 08 Brute Force 650i a-arms are weak . i was wondering if you can exchange them out with a different kind of a-arm off another 4wheeler or is thier aftermarket. and if either does it have a grease fitting
1-3 of 3 Results