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  1. Polaris Forum
    I have a polaris850xp 2010 with about 67 hrs on it at about 50hrs I heard the rearend make noise then it everytime it was put it gear now about two weeks ago the frontend started to make noise and kind of jump a lil I was riding in four wheel drive for about 10mins before the front started can...
  2. Polaris Forum
    Hello everyone, Sportsman Powerhouse here, Just thought i would introduce my self, well Ill b coming home for two weeks, here on friday. but i gotta spend some time with the girl first but when i get back to my place on monday, time to rip into the popo again , As of right now, I have already...
  3. Can-Am/BRP Forum
    popo 850xp or can-am outty 800r which one to get
  4. Polaris Forum
    popo 850xp or can-am outty 800r which one to get
  5. Polaris Forum
    Well its that season again! Snow time up here in the Northern US, and I got the freaking deal of a lifetime by just staying persistent on Craigslist. Got this plow mount and ALL for $300 bucks BRAND NEW in the BOX ! :rockon: Its a great alternative to the Polaris brand, and I get a full 11...
  6. Polaris Forum
    Been awhile since I've had time to reply or start a thread but since I have time now figured I would let you guys in on whats happened to my XP and whats the plan for it coming up soon. About 4 or 5 weekends back we went out for a weekend of camping and quading. Had a blast, seen some amazing...
  7. Polaris Forum
    i couldn't find anything on google for this soo possibly someone here would know? Are the new 850XP electrical things, and digital all there stuff likethat is it water proof? cause i heard that on there old sportsman they were sh-t and people always had probs with them... an since the new...
  8. Polaris Forum
    Is it true that the new polaris 850 can only have a 14" rim put on.. a 12" won't fit because of the break calibers??? if thats true... i think thats stupid.... cause half the good tires only come on 12" rim... man that really leaves you limited for tires if thats true
  9. ATV / UTV News & Events
    I'm not going to lie. It's still a bit heavy and now a bit expensive, but I really like the new looks and major changes they made to the 2009 Polaris Sportsman. Power Steering, New, bigger engine, New frame...
1-9 of 9 Results