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  1. Site News
    Accessories and creature comforts vs. big power You’ve saved up some money and have decided you have about $12,000 to spend on a new UTV. That’s awesome, as there are several good ones to choose from. When you break it down, it becomes a matter of what you really want for your money. On one end...
  2. Site News
    Mid-heavyweight ATV showdown So you want a new ATV but you’re not sure of which one you are going to get. You don’t need the massive horsepower of the 1,000-class machines, but at the same time want a bit more oomph than can be found with the machines in the 500-class area. If you want a...
  3. Site News
    A feature-rich and affordable Utility Side-by-Side Finding your way around the world of Side-by-Sides these days can leave you with a scattered sense of direction. The choices are endless and to tell you the truth it may be something that is already keeping your mind busy at work. Looking...
  4. Suzuki Forum
    We generally keep our ATVs for two years, and that means it is getting close to time to replace our 2010 Renegade. I've been thinking about changing to a King Quad 750 with power steering. Our dealer has a 2011 that he would sell for $8200 out the door, and thinks the 2012s will be essentially...
  5. For Sale
    2007 KAWASAKI BRUTE FORCE 750 4X4 FOUR WHEELER with 1,071 miles on it. It comes with swamp witch tires, differential lock, push button 4wd, fron and rear racks and large digital dash. This ATV needs nothing. Just a driver! It is serviced and ready to ride. For more information and photos e-mail...
  6. Kawasaki Forum
    Looks like the 2011 Brute is still a 750. Subject Top Page: Off-Road Motorcycles, All-Terrain Vehicles, Off-Road Utility Vehicles, Off-Road Sport Vehicles, Sand Cars, and Electric (Zero-Emission) Golf Carts Executive Orders - 2011
  7. Kawasaki Forum
    i put a biggun exhaust and a k&n air filter on my bruteforce 750. does any one have an idea on what mainjet pilotjet, and needle clip position it should be at. right now the pipe glows red even in the day light, and it pops when u hammer the throtle. i have an f.m.f jet kit in right now, with a...
  8. Kawasaki Forum
    Hey everybody: I'm new to this forum stuff so please bare with me!! I have a 2008 750 Brute Force with a power commandre USB module that I recently put a snorkel kit on (saw it on Mud in :beer"my blood) what I would like to know is, have I restricted the air intake too much by reducing the PVC...
  9. Kawasaki Forum
    Finally decided on a wheeler and I went with the BF 750 in the only color I have had! Green! Taking her for first ride tomorrow and after that let the mods begin!!
  10. Kawasaki Forum
    Does anyone out there have any feedback on the 09 BF 750's? I almost bought one of these instead of my Outlander 800 so I'm very curious about this machine. Anyone and everyone feel free to hook a brother up with some details.
  11. Kawasaki Forum
    Ok I haven't laughed this hard in a while at a commercial. I'm looking forward to the new Kawasaki Teryx 750 4x4 side by side. And this commercial is just great.
1-12 of 19 Results