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  1. Yamaha Forum
    i have a 03 660 grizzly. i lost top end speed can only get 55 kph.thought it was grese in clutch had dealer tell me that the white lithium grese i used was not good enough so dealer put yamaha grease in and said it was fixed took home and still can only get 55kph. not happy they charged me 163...
  2. For Sale
    Base side by side 2004 Rhino, 660cc carb. engine with Mudd buster cam & head porting. New top end with 660 raptor cylinder stock bore.HMF 2-2Complete exhaust, Moose clutch kit Alba triple pass radiator, custom made shroud, and high flow fan. Pro CRAFT +6 A-arms, Elka fully adjustable...
  3. For Sale
    MANDATORY INFORMATION: Include price and location. People can contact you through PM's and get the rest of your contact information. If you want to sell or trade, you are required to list your selling price or your terms-of-trade, and your location in your original post.
  4. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    Hey guys, in case you missed it, I wanted to let you know that we just completed a review of a Black Rhino Performance CDI Box. It is a pretty darned impressive unit for the cost. My review even has a short video clip of me beating a newer 660 that has a full Muzzy dual exhaust on it. Check out...
  5. Performance
    Introduction In the name of speed and power improvements, ATVTorture is always looking for ways to get the most out of every machine that we own. We recently acquired a a 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660 and naturally, had to start right off the bat to try to help this sluggishly performing UTV. The first...
  6. Yamaha Forum
    I have a yamaha grizzly 660 and it rocks!!
  7. Yamaha Forum
    I had my v-belt explode on my 2005 Grizz (2500 miles). I ordered the OEM replacement belt and pulled it apart today to replace but the primary sheave won't move so I can't get the belt on. After closer examination, it looks like the whole thing spun slightly and is no longer aligned with the...
  8. Yamaha Forum
    My buddy is replacing his rear axle's and it's been apart so long, he can't remember which one goes where. He needs to know what side the longer axle goes on. Anyone got the answer to that one? Thanks.
  9. Yamaha Forum
    I'm starting a new project. I'm going to trick another 660 out. It's a 2004 660 with about 250 hours. We're going to bore it to a 686, put in a crank, add a cluctch kit, airbox lid, and of course jet it out. The quad already has a hmf utility w/o the qc, 26" Mud Bugs on 12 ITP's. It runs...
  10. Yamaha Forum
    A friend has a 2004 Grizz 660. He runs a self modified air box with a pre filter and an HMF Utility w/out the QC. This really opened up the machine and I constantly warned him that he was probably running too lean. However, the machine ran really strong. After some time, the quad has started...
  11. General ATV / UTV Discussion
    Yamaha Motor USA recalled about 120,000 off-highway recreational vehicles for repairs Tuesday, after two models were involved in 46 deaths. The two-passenger vehicles are designed for drivers over 16 years old with valid drivers licenses, although some reported deaths involved younger children...
  12. Wanted
    As the title states, I'm looking for a Grizzly 660 or 700 to purchase. I am located in the Shenandoah Valley, VA. May be willing to drive a moderate distance to pick-up. Please PM me if you have a quad that fits the discription. - BATTLEGUN
  13. For Sale
    I have a set of perfect Elkas for sale. They were on an '07 Grizzly 700 and they will also work on an 02-06 Grizzly 660. I just sold my quad and did not sell these with them. I've had them just 6 months or so and about 50 miles on them of only light trail riding. They never saw a jump AT ALL...
  14. For Sale
    I am trying to sell my Dad's 07 660, it is Dark Green and is completely stock except for the ss112 alloys and the ITP Mudlites! It only has 300 miles on it and is spotless! He only got it in the mud one time, Not by my choice but he baby's it! He was asking $6500 obo, but he really needs to...
  15. Yamaha Forum
    These have not been physically verified so use at your own risk. Purolator Pure One PL-14610 (Verified on the 700) Bosh 3300 AC Delco PF-1237 Fram PH-6017A FRAM PH6606 and TG6606 TG=ToughGuard NAPA 1358 (grizz 700 ) K&N 204
  16. Tires, Wheels, Brakes
    Well it was time to replace the old wore out rear brake pads on my 06' 660 grizz. I got a little better than 1550 miles outta the origional pads. I called the Yamaha shop and made sure they had the pads. They did so I went down and picked them up. While I was there I asked how big of a job it...
  17. Yamaha Forum
    I've read enough on the 700 clucth weight swap that I know I want to try swapping 4 of my 660 weights with 4 450 weights. Anyone done that? Got any feedback on it? :toothy10:
1-17 of 19 Results