The Risk Racing Mud Axe

A Serious Tool For Mud Removal!

risk racing logo3 The Risk Racing Mud AxeMOORESVILLE, NC – December 8, 2011 – Any person that rides dirt bikes ends up in an intimate relationship with mud.  Whether you are riding on the track or on the trails, you are eventually going to pack every nook and cranny of your bike with wet, sticky mud.  Because of this, it is vital to understand how mud affects the performance of the bike.  An engine packed with mud will tend to overheat quicker, and the added weight from the excess mud will negatively impact your bikes power, suspension tuning and overall handling.  Additionally, it covers up your numbers and blocks important sponsor stickers.

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Removing the excess mud is always a dirty task.  Historically, riders have used screwdrivers, sticks, or their bare hands to try and free their bikes from a thick coat of mud.  All of these methods are inefficient and slow.  Even when using a power washer, removing the majority of the mud first is a huge time saver, especially when water is in limited supply at the track.  Luckily, Risk Racing now offers an alternative to screwdrivers and sticks with the new Mud Axe.

The Risk Racing Mud Axe is specifically designed to make the task of removing excess mud from your dirt bike, quad or UTV quick and easy.  The head of the Mud Axe is shaped to make swift work of fenders as well as hubs and wheels, which is important in reducing rotating mass.  The pick on the other end of the Mud Axe is perfect for clearing foot pegs, brake pedals, engine bays, suspension linkages, and any other tight spot that mud finds its way into.  The ergonomic “arched” design of the body is great for scraping the inside of your fender while keeping your hand out of the muck.  The over-molded rubber handle on this tool ensures a firm and comfortable grip.  Finally, the Mud Axe is a robust tool constructed of a heat resistant glass reinforced plastic composite.  This makes it extremely durable and safe to use on hot engines and exhaust.

The Risk Racing Mud Axe retails for $19.99.  Ask for them at your local dealer.  For more information call 704-658-9332 or visit

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