Rigid Industries Review and Comparison, Dually D2 Led Light

rigid d2 review1 Rigid Industries Review and Comparison, Dually D2 Led Light

Dually and Dually D2s On

Rigid Industries manufactures a variety of products including the Dually D2 that not only aid in lighting up the trails at night, but also will increase the performance and protection of your machine. Right about now I bet you’re wondering how that is possible. Well, read on for the answer….

With an ever growing list of companies producing aftermarket parts that offer either additional protection or performance gains for our ATVs and UTVs, and knowing that “we” the consumer are always looking to squeeze every bit of additional horse power out of our machines and protect them from trail damage, I am constantly amazed that one of the most overlooked modifications appears to be additional lighting. I am not referring to strobes or colored lights for appearance, but lighting that actually helps you see better when riding at night.

Okay, so maybe by adding a set of aftermarket lights you won’t gain additional hp or even protect your machine if you hit a large obstacle, at least not in the traditional sense of the words. But they will allow you to ride faster at night by granting you the ability to see further down the trail and also to see objects that can cause damage to your machine sooner and more clearly! If you ride at night you already know that most ATV manufacturer’ stock headlights are worthless for real world conditions, unless riding slow in sand maybe. My first time in the woods at night it became apparent that my stock headlights just wouldn’t cut it for the type of terrain and pace that our group was riding. After that ride my goal was to be able to ride tight wooded, rocky trails in a somewhat spirited manner at night as if it was daytime. Without additional lighting that isn’t possible so I added my first set of aftermarket lights. Since then I have used a few different company’s products as well as different types of lighting (Halogen, Xenon, HID, LED) and have come to the conclusion that LED lighting is currently the best technology for off-road riding. Granted not all LED lights or the companies who manufacture them should be considered equal because there is a wide span of quality differences among manufacturers and components, and some are total junk. Luckily for us night riding off-road enthusiasts Rigid Industries and there lighting products are considered by many to be the best of the best.


rigid review front Rigid Industries Review and Comparison, Dually D2 Led Light

A variety of covers are also available

I first heard of Rigid Industries and their product line from a member on the GrizzlyRider forum, when he was putting together a review for their 10 inch E Series LED Light Bar. Right around the same time Rigid introduced their Dually LED Light and since I was in need of a new set of lights for mounting to my handlebars I decided to give them a try. The original Dually is a 3x3x3 light with 4 individual LEDs that put out 1300 lumens per light. I replaced my current PIAA 510 ATPs with the Duallys and the difference was Night and Day! I was amazed at how much brighter the little Dually was compared to the PIAAs. The fact that the Duallys also cost less, are built better, run cooler, are more durable and use less amperage than the PIAAs they replaced really impressed me, and right then I knew I would be a Rigid Industries fan for life. They had managed to produce what I believed at the time to be the perfect light for use on my ATV. A light that was small, durable, bright and affordable to boot. Rigid Industries not resting on their laurels, soon after manufactured and introduced their Dually D2 LED Light and with it my perception of the perfect ATV light would soon be redefined.

At first glance the Dually D2 looks just like its predecessor since they both are using the same housing, but this is where any similarity ends. The Dually D2 utilizes an upgraded LED bulb and inside its housing resides 6 of them opposed to the originals 4. Rigid also added their newly designed and patented specter optics to help throw the upgraded bulbs light down the trail. The lumen output per light is double that of the original dually at 2600 lumens per light. And in comparison, a pair of Dually D2s manages to outshine even some of the larger light bars in Rigid Industries product lineup; well up to the 10 inch light bars anyway. The Dually D2s size and light output make them the perfect light for use when a large light bar just won’t fit the application, like mounting a pair of them on ATV handlebars. With them being as bright as they are I wouldn’t hesitate to use them in place of a larger bar even if size didn’t matter…You see, an instance where size really doesn’t matter, at least that’s the case with the Dually D2s!

chart2 Rigid Industries Review and Comparison, Dually D2 Led Light

Distances shown in meters

Here are the Dually D2s specs (per light)….
· 50,000+ hour lifespan
· 9-36V
· Reverse polarity protection
· Available in driving or wide beam optics
· IP68 certified
· Unbreakable polycarbonate lens
· A360 High purity aluminum cast housing
· Durable UV3800 polyester powder coat
· Sealed deutsch connector
· Over/under voltage protection
· Goretex breather
· Operating temp -40~+145 deg F
· MIL810-STDG vibration certified
· ASTMB117 salt/fog certified
· ROHS Compliant
· Electrically protected against RFI/EMC interference
· Integrated thermal management system
· Updated hybrid patented optic system
· Patented specter optics (pat.#7,438,477)
· 1.25 pounds
· 28 watts
· Amp draw 1.9
· 2600 lumens

rigid d2 review2 Rigid Industries Review and Comparison, Dually D2 Led Light

D2s on and ready to light the way

The Dually D2 lights come with a plug and play pre-wired harness with a switch and relay. Installation of the lights is simple and straight forward with most of your time allotted to the routing of wires between your desired mounting location and battery. They are also waterproof and once installed they must be level in order to throw light properly down and across the trail. My only complaint with any of the supplied parts would have to be in regards to the switch they provide. It is not waterproof and since they are off road lights I feel they should come standard with one. When ordering I opted for the driving pattern and decided to mount my Dually D2s on a crossbar of my bumper between my headlights. I already had a set of the original Duallys in the spot pattern mounted on my handlebars so I can see where I am heading when the bars are turned and the Dually D2s would be used to provide my main lighting down the trail.

When I was finally able to test the Dually D2s (a rollover, rebuild and some recovery time placed this review on the back burner for a while) I had the opportunity of riding with a member who had the 10 inch E series light bar mounted for comparison in addition to the original Duallys I have mounted on my handlebars. Much like when I compared my original Duallys against my old PIAA 510 ATPs, I was blown away by how much light these little Dually D2 lights provide. In the driving beam configuration the D2s throw plenty of light off to the side of the trail, on the ground and down the trail ahead of you. My headlights even though using replacement bulbs with higher wattages than stock were not visible at all once I turned on the D2s. They are the brightest lights I have seen so far mounted on a utility ATV. Even comparing the Dually D2s against a fellow riding companion’s 10 inch E series light bar they were brighter. The 10 inch bar throws plenty of light but just doesn’t reflect the same brightness as the D2s. They are far brighter than the original Duallys as well but from the specs it was expected. The current mounting locations of both my sets of lights are perfect for lighting the trails and allow me to not only ride faster safely by seeing farther down the trail, but also illuminate where I am heading when steering into a turn or weaving in and out of trees. So for night riding I will stick by my earlier comment that they add hp and protection. Regardless of what you add to your machine for performance gains, riding at night without good lighting won’t allow you to take advantage of those ponies, not safely at least. Be sure to watch the comparison video to see the difference between the lights mentioned above. Also keep in mind that the helmet camera can’t see as far down the trail as the Dually D2s projected their light. So what may seem dark in the distance was actually lit to me when riding.
2 Rigid Industries Review and Comparison, Dually D2 Led Light

rigid d2 review4 Rigid Industries Review and Comparison, Dually D2 Led Light

Rugged as claimed!

Rigid claims their lights are waterproof and bulletproof, and I have to agree 100% with them. Both of my sets were mounted when I had the above mentioned rollover and other than the housings getting scratched up, they are in perfect working condition. They have also been submerged in mud and water without allowing moisture inside. The last two statements can’t be made in regards to some of the other lighting products which I have smashed up or fried in the past. Some may view the price of these lights as their downfall, and to them I say you get what you pay for. I have used all kinds of cheap lighting and even lighting that costs as much as some of the Rigid Industries offerings and none of them have come close to their build quality, lumen output, durability, power savings or appearance. The Dually D2s are packed with giant light output in their midget form and dollar for dollar I perceive them to be “the best value for the money”.

If you don’t ride at night too often or can’t afford the D2s then I would suggest purchasing a pair of the original Duallys since they are still better than most any other light out there and come with a smaller price tag, either way you can’t go wrong, and once you try them out on your first night ride you’ll be wondering why you waited so long to buy them. I love the combination of the Dually D2 driving pattern mounted on my bumper and my Dually spot pattern mounted on my handlebars, they provide an amazing amount of light and I would suggest if you have the money, to try them both out. Even better would be 2 pairs of Dually D2s!

rigid d2 review3 279x300 Rigid Industries Review and Comparison, Dually D2 Led Light

Plug and play, and bright as day!

Turns night into day
Waterproof housing design
Low power consumption
Durable housing and lens to stand up to the abuse of the trail
Small size offers multiple mounting options on ATVs
Optional colored lens covers available
Exceptional customer service

Provided switch isn’t waterproof
Cost for some


To view all of their lighting products visit them at


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