Ogio Rear ATV Bag Review

img3890j 300x199 Ogio Rear ATV Bag Review As an early rider of ATVs and an occasional dirt bike, when I set out on a day-long ride I was never concerned about carrying a lot of gear and grub.  Back then, it was all about just having the bare necessities.  Thirty years later and still an avid rider, I feel like  I am packing everything I own!  The phrase “Prepare for the worst” always stuck in my mind.

Tire repair kits, tools and more tools, snacks, beverages and whatever else I can squeeze into my ATV box.  That’s right – “box”.  I am a big proponent of the boxes  you see  on the back of utility ATVs.   The box sizes range from small to large with some being just simple tool boxes from the local hardware store.

Generally speaking, I never did like ATV bags.   It seems that no matter what type of bag I had tried, it failed at some point.  Unfortunately, if the straps and webbing that hold the ATV bag fail,  gear can be lost.  Given the high cost of some of these bags, that can not only be frustrating, but expensive.

Iimg3886ve 300x199 Ogio Rear ATV Bag Review did notice that Ogio had an ATV bag they were marketing.  Since I knew they made quality golf and gym bags, I was wondering if their ATV bag was similar to all the other soft bags I was familiar with.   My curiosity got the best of me so I decided  to give the Ogio rear ATV bag a try.

Since this was going to compliment the New 2012 Kawasaki Brute Force 750i EPS and would definitely be utilized during hunting season for transporting to and from our tree stand,  we chose the bag in the Mossy Oak camo pattern.

When the Ogio bag arrived, I thought it was heavy for a soft bag.   Upon further inspection,  I noted how spacious the inner compartments were for a rear bag.   I was also impressed with the stitching and overall construction of the bag which was much better than most of the ATV bags I used in the past.  The Ogio rear ATV bag was very heavy-duty.

The specifications and features for Ogio’s Rear ATV bag are as follows:

·  Deluxe internal multiple compartment storage design with collapsible divider partitions

·  Top accessory pocket with water-resistant zipper

·  Dual insulated wet/dry compartments

·  Removable padded back rest or seat

·  Tool gutter easy access tool storage compartment

·  Two water bottle storage compartments

·  Oversized OGIO bungee strap system with bungee lock

·  Durable velcro strap ties down to secure bag to ATV rack

·  Fold down construction for easy storage

The materials are made of 1280D poly / tarpaulin / PEVA cooler material.

Dimensions:  11″ H x 12″ W x 33″ D

Weight:  15.4 Lbs

Capacity:  4422 Cubic Inches

Satisfied with the overall construction of the main Ogio Rear ATV bag,  I began taking inventory of the rest of the accessories which come with the bag.  In addition to the main bag compartment, the Ogio has a detachable padded backrest/seat .  However for safety reasons, we do not recommend carrying a passenger on any ATV, unless it is manufactured to do so.  Two  removable dual insulated wet/dry compartments and  two water bottle storage compartments that attach and detach quickly and easily from the Ogio main bag are additional features.

The process of attaching the main bag is a little tedious.  The method Ogio uses is for the front attachment straps to pull against the rear straps and the left straps pulling against the right.  I was apprehensive as to the Ogio’s retention capability, but so far it seems to be an effective means of securing the bag to the ATV rack.  On the plus side, this retention system makes for removing the bag extremely quick especially when cover with mud.

IMG 5614 300x199 Ogio Rear ATV Bag Review IMG 5615 300x199 Ogio Rear ATV Bag Review

IMG 5605 300x199 Ogio Rear ATV Bag Review While testing the Ogio rear ATV bag,  I had a hard time filling it.  It’s spacious interior forced me to pack more supplies than I normally would take on a trip.   However, I didn’t have a problem with that because it’s better to have the space available in the event you do need it.  I was also able to easily store my helmet in the bag which is very useful when parking in public areas where theft may pose a problem.

With the Ogio bag packed, it was time for the real test –  durability.  As I already mentioned, soft bags were normally an issue for me when on the trail.  I decided to test the Ogio on a trail where my other bags met their demise –  the Rockhouse trail which is part of the Hatfield – McCoy  trail system located in southern WV.  There’s a reason this trail is named  Rockhouse as it consists of some of the most bone jarring rocky trails within the Hatfield – McCoy system.

Satisfied that I had everything packed but a spare tire,  I set out on my trek from the Man trailhead to Gilbert.  Riding at a moderate to fast pace the entire trip, I stopped occasionally to ensure the contents of the bag were secure and the bag still tightly attached.  At each stop, I grew more confident with the Ogio bag’s retention straps and must say it seems to be a proven system.

Upon my arrival in Gilbert WV, I gave the front bag a once over again to make sure everything was still tightly attached.  All the seams appeared to be in good shape.  Even though the bag was covered in mud due to the occasional puddle,  the contents were clean and dry.  The afternoon sky promised signs of thunderstorms which meant that the trails were going to get good and muddy.  These would be the perfect conditions to test the water resistance of the bag.

Rain came and went on our return trip across the mountains.  When I arrived back at the trailhead everything in the Ogio bag was still bone dry.  In fact, we noticed the Ogio did a great job of keeping the dust out from the morning ride.

IMG 5613 300x199 Ogio Rear ATV Bag Review IMG 5621 300x199 Ogio Rear ATV Bag Review IMG 5624 300x199 Ogio Rear ATV Bag Review IMG 5629 300x199 Ogio Rear ATV Bag Review

Obviously this one ride was not the best test to establish the durability of the Ogio product.  My intent was to benchmark how well the Ogio survived a trail that no other bag had been able to.   The long-term test is still being conducted but I am satisfied that the Ogio rear bag is made of quality materials and able to withstand the rigors under normal use.  Currently we have 350 miles of use logged  with the Ogio rear ATV bag and I am extremely happy with this  product.

For more information check out the Ogio and other Ogio products at http://ogio.com.


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