ATV Torture – ATV Aftermarket Product Reviews and Testing

ATV Torture.com (ATVT) was established in September 2007 for the primary purpose of testing and reviewing ATV / UTV Products. Additionally our secondary objective was for fostering discussion, social interaction, and entertainment for ATV and UTV riders and enthusiasts.

ATV Torture, Inc. is made up of a team of ATV Enthusiasts. Just like most ATV enthusiasts, we love to add custom parts to our quads to give them a truly custom look, ride and performance. We all actually have full-time jobs, but our true passion lies within the ATV and power sports industries.

Since the inception of ATV Torture, our site, our name and our enthusiasm for our business has grown exponentially.  In browsing around in our “Reviews” area, you’ll see that we review custom products by all of the big names in the ATV industry.  If in looking around you don’t happen to see a product or customization you would like to see a review on, contact us and we will see what we can do about getting the product in question. This can be anything and everythng including a seat cover, hand guards, temperature gauge or any other after market product imaginable.

ATV Torture, Inc. Is headquartered in West Virginia with Editors and Staff Writers located throughout the U.S.   This gives us the availability to test machines and equipment in a variety of terrain and conditions.

The only authorized contact people for ATV Torture is Gary Bradley, President or Buster Wallace Vice President.  It is an unauthorized request for anyone asking to test and review equipment or have equipment shipped to any other location other than our test facility in Macon, GA or our corporate office in WV. 

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Please feel free to contact ATVTorture.com at [email protected], if you feel you have been contact by an unauthorized person.

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