KFI Pro-Series ATV Plow System

KFI Snow PlowLiving in the northeast I’m guaranteed two things every year, humidity in the summer and snow in the winter.  It’s like a ritual, every fall it’s time to dig out the snow shovel, grab the ice melt and tune up the snow blower.  But have any of you actually ever snow blowed before?  I just don’t find it enjoyable at all. In fact, I think its more work than it is fun.

I online pharmacy for prednisone – cost of prednisone prednisone mail order for prednisone – order prednisone for dogs online prednisone cost walmart; cost was determined to find a new and different plow for my Can-Am Renegade.  Especially when faced with the prospect of clearing snow from my new 275 foot driveway.   Off and on for the past ten years I’ve owned four different brands of ATV plows.  Each and every one had its good points and their bad.  Some were cheaply built, some were friendly to the wallet, and others were just specific to a single ATV brand.

I had two main requirements while searching for my next plow.  I knew I wanted a 60” plow blade, because anything less would have been a waste for the big 800cc engine underneath me.  Secondly, I knew I wanted a rubber flap for the top of the plow blade.   The rubber flap causes the snow to fold over in front of the plow blade.  If you do not use this piece you risk getting covered in snow while plowing.  So phenergan without prescription phenergan generic name cheap phenergan after endless hours of researching online, I came across a company offering a brand new line of ATV plows.  Enter KFI Products (Kappers Fabricating, Inc.) and their new KFI-Pro Series Plow Systems.

I must say, they had cheap prednisone for dogs buy prednisone online uk buy prednisone online without a prescription prednisone prescription assistance prednisone 10mg tablets,  all the right boxes checked after reading up on this plow system:

·    Heavy duty order quality dapoxetine online in uk at cheap price – absolute anonymity shopping online at indian website dapoxetine to buy, dapoxetine price list in india 1-1/2” 11 gauge American made steel (oh yeah!)

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·    Plow flap option

·    Reversible wear blad

·    Easy pull pin blade adjustment

·    Multi-position plow lift bracket

·    Multiple pitch adjustments

·    5 blade angle positions

·    Rotate blade up to 25˚

·    Heavy order prednisone online no prescription | usa canada uk | buy online without prescription. low prices, fast delivery and secure online processing. duty 1-1/2” pivot bushings

·    Grade 50 steel reinforcement

·    Compatible with Warn Power Pivot

·    Did I buy zyban online uk order bupropion say Made in the USA?

Ordering a KFI Pro-Series plow consists of 3 easy steps.  First, you order a push tube assembly.  Next you pick the size and style plow blade you want.  Finally you order the plow mount for your specific ATV.  It’s as simple as that.  As noted earlier, I chose the 60” straight blade along with the Can-Am Outlander/Renegade mount.   Of course I cipro no dairy cipro online also ordered the rubber plow flap made to fit their 60” plows.   Needless to say, I was excited to find a new brand of plow that not only met my simple criteria, but also fit within my budget.

KFI Plow BoxesA few short days later my favorite big brown truck arrived with two hefty boxes for me.  I was a bit worried as one plow I had previously owned was damaged during shipping.  This was not the case with my new KFI Pro-Series plow.  It arrived in perfect condition thanks to the top notch packaging.  With the weight of these pieces I was amazed there was no damage to any parts.

Like always, I laid out all my parts and made sure it matched up with the included instructions.  Assembly was simple and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.  I assembled this plow in my garage in just a few short hours.  I was taking my time and documenting the process as I put it all together.  If I had that’s kmc editor mitchell scott doing the shredding, where can i order estrace without prescription. buy estrace online no prescription , photos: peter moynes. a second set of hands things would have went much quicker.   Especially when mounting the blade to the push tubes.

One down side to the KFI Pro-Series plow line was the fact that you must remove the center skid plate to properly bolt on the plow mount.  I’m still amazed that manufacturers can’t figure out a solution for a plow mount that works in conjunction with your stock skid plates.  To some this may be a deal killer because of the amount they ride in the winter.  While others will just get creative and modify the skid plate and plow mount to work together.   For me, removing the center skid plate is not an issue.  During the winter months my ATV is primarily used for plowing and ice fishing.  Occasionally I’ll go for a trail ride, but when I do it’s usually on snow packed trails.

It’s the details that count…

KFI put a lot of thought into their new Pro-Series line of plows.  For instance, the rubber flap and plow blade come pre-drilled.  This may seem minor, but it made installation fool proof.  One previous brand I owned required you to drill both of these items in order to mount them.   Of course I messed this up, which resulted in a plow flap never sat right and always bothered me.   Another nice feature of the KFI Pro-Series Plow System is the fact that the plow tubes can accept the Warn Power Pivot.  For those who don’t know, this unit allows you to angle the plow remotely from the seat of your quad (stay tuned for that review this coming winter).

Do any of your run tracks? KFI has you covered. The plow mount gives you two different options for mounting the push tubes to the plow mount.  The last feature that really surprised me was the movable winch hook mounting plate. This piece is part of the push tube assembly and provides a place to hook your winch up too.  Unlike other brands, KFI gives you 4 different mounting choices to ensure proper winch rope angles.  This feature is a nice one to have given the variety of bumpers, winch mounts and various other front end configurations ATV’ers develop on their own.


So how did it do?  I mean after all, that’s why you’re reading this review.  Well, I’m proud to report the KFI Pro-Series plow system did not disappoint!  This plow truly is well built. While their design may not be revolutionary it is refined and well thought out.  There is nothing better than using quality American made tools to get the job done.  While this review is really a long term review, I can say this plow served me well last winter.  Last winter was truly unusual for where I’m located.  We had record setting snow for what seemed like one storm after another.  As luck would have it, the majority of my cleanups were done after work in the dark.  This of course left me limited time for action photos.  So if you want those, you’ll have to wait until Part II.
My KFI Pro-Series plows system looks as good as new after a season of plowing with it.  I had no failures or issues to report.  In fact I’m looking forward to trying out the Warn Power Pivot along with some additional KFI goodies this winter.  Lucky for me the humidity has just left New England right now and this means winter is just around the corner.  I say…LET IT SNOW!

For more info on the KFI Pro-Series ATV plow of any other KFI products visit KFI at:  http://www.kfiproducts.com/

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